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IT Help Desk

For technical issues or requests, submit Help Desk Ticket or contact the Help Desk at Ext #8309 (between 7:30 am and 9:00 am). We will ask you for the following information:
  • First and Last name
  • Work location
  • School/room number
  • Phone extension
  • Brief description of the issue or request
Contacting the Help Desk or creating a ticket ensures that technology issues are tracked in our database in order to measure our response time and plan support needs so that we may better serve you.
IT Ticket Priorities
All tickets submitted to the IT Service Desk are assigned a priority. This priority determines how quickly you can expect a technician to resolve/address your request. The IT Department prioritizes tickets based on several factors. These factors include the number of people affected (single user, classroom, school site, etc.), the ability to teach without the impacted equipment, the length of time a ticket has been open, and input from school site administrators. 
Please provide as much information as possible so we can assign the appropriate priority to your ticket. If you disagree with the priority assigned, after reviewing this matrix, please ask to speak to the IT Service Desk at Ext #8309.
The target time frames for each of our priorities are defined in the priority matrix below:
Urgency (status)                        Impact (scale of affected users)
  District  Wide School Site Classroom Individual
Mission critical service unavailable                               
1 1 1 2
Unable to normally complete work                            
1 1 1 2
Interferes with normal completion of work (workaround is available) 2 2 2 3
Would assist with the completion of work                 
3 3 3 4
Priority Level Description Target Resolution
1 Critical 4 hours
2 High/Urgent 8 hours
3 Medium 24 hours
4 Low As time allows
Step by step guide for creating an account with SchoolDude.
Project Management: Projects are unique endeavors that have a defined scope that is conducted within a specific timeline. Projects accomplish a specific goal, usually to solve a districtwide or school site problem. Project-based request results from a need that goes beyond a quick solution, requiring more time and resources to get the desired outcome for the staff. It is for these reasons that such Technology Requests will be considered separately from the above priority matrix and has a separate request process. 
Example of requests that require project planning includes Datacenter Upgrade, Introducing a new Learning Management System to be used with an adopted curriculum/textbook.