Staff » Employee Handbook - In Progress

Employee Handbook - In Progress

I. District Information
Organizational Chart
District Leadership Responsibilities
II. Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees Contact Information
III. Staff/Sites Information
Annual Notification
IV. Board Policies & Administrative Regulations
Complaints Concerning District Employees
Uniform Complaint Procedures
Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures & Exhibits
Equipment Use
Tobacco-Free Schools
Drug-Free Workplace
Nondiscrimination in Employment
Complaints Concerning Discrimination in Employment
Employee Use of Technology
Sexual Harassment
Wellness Policy
Child Abuse Reporting Procedures
Hate-Motivated Behavior
V. Misc. Information and Commonly-Used District Forms
Information to Report an Absence
Automatic Deposit Authorization
Authorization for Payroll Deduction
Procedures for Payroll Forms
MCSIG Change
Warehouse/Supply Room Requisition
Travel/Conference Request
Travel Reimbursement
Request for Information
Field Trip Vehicle Request
Facility Use Request
MOT Forms Procedure
VI. Emergency Plans
Disaster Preparedness Plan
Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
VII. Child Abuse