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On August 9, 10, all GUSD teachers worked with Martha Kaufeldt who is a educational expert/consultant from Solution Tree. She shared information with our teachers on brain research and how children learn, rigor in the classroom and differentiated instruction.  
Martha was a classroom teacher for over 23 years in California. For her work in the San Francisco Bay area, Martha was awarded the Mason-McDuffie Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.  She has written several books including Begin With the Brain: Orchestrating the Learner-Centered Classroom and Teachers, Change Your Bait! Brain-Compatible Learning. She serves on the Transformative Education Forum Board. Martha has been a trainer and coach for the Mid-California Science Improvement Project.  She earned a bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University and a master’s degree in human behavior from City University.
"The Students of Gonzales Unified School District are the most precious resource of our community. We believe that by building strong relationships among all stakeholders, providing relevant 21st Century learning, and fostering a nurturing school climate, ALL of our students will succeed and thrive."