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GUSD Technology Advisory Committee (GTAC)

Technology Committee Mission Statement




GTAC has been formed to implement the District’s Strategic Plan / Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) i.e. to evaluate adopted technology systems and applications; engage in a dialogue around the District’s use of technology to support effective learning and instruction.



  • Assess the technological needs and competencies of faculty, staff, and students and discuss district-wide technology issues. 

  • Make recommendations concerning the acquisition, implementation, maintenance, and upgrading of technologies to the Board, Superintendent, and the District and school site management staff as appropriate.

  • Maintain a technology plan that aligns with state recommendations.

  • Communicate with all stakeholders within and outside of the district.

  • The Committee chairperson submits a periodic summary of committee work to the board via the superintendent's office.



Membership is voluntary and members represent the interests of all programs and services for the district as a whole. Members serve for a two-year cycle, with meetings held four times per year. Occasionally, special meetings are held as needed. Member responsibilities include attending meetings and sharing information with representative groups. At this time, confirmed GTAC members include:

  1. Board Member (1)

  2. Administrative representatives (2)

  3. Site staff representatives (3)

  4. Site student representatives (3)

  5. Site parent/ community representatives (3)